Best Golf Swing Training Aid – Grip And Speed Trainer

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Swing Like A Professional Golfer!

Best Golf Swing Training Aid - Grip And Speed Trainer

We believe every golfer possesses their own DNA of skills and our Supotsu™ Golf Swing Training Aid fixes faults like a flat shoulder plane, reverse spine angle, and over-rotation.

Achieve Better Scores With Correct Posture

Maintaining stability and balance throughout every swing is difficult, as all the moving parts, legs, hands, arms and torso need to work in harmony.

70% of golfers swing improperly. Introducing our Supotsu™ Golf Swing Training Aid. This aid has a special design and scientific construction with more weight on the end and a more flexible shaft. This can be an excellent tool for tempo training.

Achieve the vital combo of wrist hinge, forearm rotation and shoulder turn, adding power and consistency to your game.

Best Golf Swing Training Aid - Grip And Speed Trainer

Healthy Habits Made Easier

Many golfers swing improperly even if they are experienced. With Supotsu™, you can build muscle memory on every swing.

It will fall from you if you swing it improperly. Correct muscle memory will be established, resulting in better mechanics and consistency!

Best Golf Swing Training Aid - Grip And Speed Trainer


For beginners and seasoned pros alike, Supotsu™ eliminates frustrating practice sessions. Configurable for a range of swing types, hand sizes and arm lengths, it features a comfortable shoulder cushion, ergonomic padded grip and stroke-adjustable angle.

Best Golf Swing Training Aid - Grip And Speed Trainer

Lightweight And Portable

Supotsu™ will fit into your sports bag or golf bag. You can warm up at home, in your hotel room or office. It is very easy to carry in any place!

Best Golf Swing Training Aid - Grip And Speed Trainer

Finest Workmanship And Material

Each detail is carefully crafted from fine materials. Using premium materials such as soft rubber and stainless steel.

Best Golf Swing Training Aid - Grip And Speed Trainer

Adjustable Angle

Supotsu™ delivers durable quality you can trust. It can be adjusted to the best length according to your height and needs. It also adjusts from 45 ° to 180 ° to fit your needs.

Best Golf Swing Training Aid - Grip And Speed Trainer

Features And Benefits:

  • Effectively correct and align golf swing posture
  • Increase club head and ball speed
  • Adjustable length to fit any arm length
  • Ideally suited to practice or pre-round range sessions


  • Material: Stainless Steel + Rubber + Plastic
  • Weight: 0.45kg

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22 reviews for Best Golf Swing Training Aid – Grip And Speed Trainer

  1. Samson C.

    It helps with hand grip and hand placement. The boys use it before golfing to warm up and they don’t have so much pain anymore after golf. The stick is great that if they don’t swing correctly it bends and this is very helpful when correcting that. Also helps build arm and muscle strength.

    Image #1 from Samson C.
  2. Jake W.

    I’ve wasted a lot of money on training aids but this is one that’s helped me the most, especially with irons. I never fully understand how to hinge my wrists properly before using this aid. Also helps you get the feel of keeping the lead arm long on backswing, promoting a big turn and then turning lower body to start downswing. Bought for friends and they loved it so much!

    Image #1 from Jake W.
  3. Jaiden G.

    This is one the best training I’ve ever used. Sometimes on my swing, I don’t full rotate my upper body causing me lots of problem. It helps me to remember to get full upper body rotation and keeps my swing plane on plane. And the best thing, you can use this training everywhere.

    Image #1 from Jaiden G.
    Image #2 from Jaiden G.
  4. Phillip W.

    Feel great and practice swinging the club indoors and help to practice getting a full swing on clubs correctly

    Image #1 from Phillip W.
  5. Marco W.

    Have no hesitation giving highest recommendation for sure set. Excellent training aid, and I am not a beginner. First saw this used on the practice range by the club pro giving lessons, with great results. Probably the best aid for beginners to learn a proper shoulder coil. Also very good for seasoned golfers. One training aid that actually does what it claims.

    Image #1 from Marco W.

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